The Truth About Hypoallergenic Skin Care Products

Nowadays, many companies are selling hypoallergenic skin care products in the market. They are claiming that using these products will not result in allergy and they are suitable even for sensitive skins, as these are generally paraben-free skincare products.

Parabens are used in skin care products as a preservative. But, their use can cause severe damage to the skin. They block the pores of the skin; hence, toxic substances cannot get out of the body through the pores along with perspiration. Moreover, normal respiration of the skin cannot take place resulting in formation of rash in the skin. They are also responsible for allergic reaction and other serious harmful effects of the skin.

In reality, it has been observed that the ingredients used in large number of hypoallergenic skin care products in the market, are also used in regular products. Generally, fragrance and artificial colors are not used but they contain parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate and other ingredients that have been proved as irritating and allergenic by research.

Actually, this term means absolutely nothing. It is only an advertising hype, because any person can have allergy in anything. This statement only means that use of a particular brand of skin care product has low chance of allergenic reaction compared to competing products. But there is no assurance.

As the FDA has no regulation over this type of labeling, there are no industry standards for hypoallergenic products. Consequently, manufacturers can claim whatever they want. Chemicals contained in these products create problems in allergic and sensitive skin resulting in itching, rashes and blotching.

Handful of reputable companies have reduced allergens in their hypoallergenic skin care products because their business depends on quality. These products are useful to some people but not to all of them, as it is not possible to exclude allergens from all products.

Again, many companies claim that ingredients used in their products have been recommended by allergists. But, even then it does not become totally safe because only those ingredients that causes allergy are excluded from the products. There are many ingredients in addition to these that can cause allergy.

Natural products are created from natural extracts and oils. It does not contain any harsh ingredients such as chemicals, artificial colors, additives and fragrances. Ingredients are in a pure state. Therefore, they can be used as alternative to hypoallergenic products. For many people, natural products are very good but for those who have plant based allergies, it can be more challenging.

For this reason, it is necessary to have a discussion with an allergist or dermatologist. It is also essential to have knowledge about terminology and ingredients. Many times certain allergens can go by different names and it is essential to have knowledge about them.

Some product can be good for some consumers with skin sensitivities and allergies but it won’t work for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to check out the ingredients contained in a product. One should not use any product that contains any ingredient which will result in allergy. It is better to test any new skin care product on the inside of the forearm for a few days before applying it on the skin. If there is redness or itching, it is a signal not to use the product as one hypoallergenic skin care product is not the answer for everyone.

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