The Best Facial Moisturizers - The Real Truth Behind Them

It is important for you to know which are the best facial moisturizers for your skin that are sold in the market. If you don't have knowledge about it you will get cheated as costly products are not always good products.
A lot of moisturizers are found in the market whose prices are very high but their qualities are ordinary or bad.
The reasons behind their high prices are – a lot of money is being spent for advertising and marketing.
To publicise products the cosmetic companies appoint famous celebrities to advertise their products. A huge amount of money is being spent behind the use of a famous face. The cosmetic companies get their money back by increasing their products prices.
Besides, they put attractive advertisements on television, on radio, in magazines, in newspapers etc. For these purposes a large amount of money has to be spent. As a result the price of the products have to increase.
Again, to decide strategies etc. the companies have to appoint the best persons in management with fat salaries. For this reason the companies have to bear a large expenditure.
For all these expenditures the cosmetic companies have to increase their products prices.
Actually, they recoup their huge expenditure from you indirectly. But your aim of getting good quality product in return of high price does not get fulfilled.
On the other hand, these companies have limited capacity to spend. As a result they use cheap ingredients in their products. Not only that, these ingredients may be harmful on your skin as these ingredients are mainly chemical based.
These chemicals cannot make your skin beautiful and healthy. They make your skin dry, rough, pale, full of wrinkles and many skin problems may appear. Even your skin may get damaged permanently.
So whenever you buy a skin care product always examine whether the ingredients used in it are natural ingredients or not. Natural vegetable oils like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, rose oil must be present in your moisturizer. Because, all these natural oils will make your skin really beautiful, fresh and glowing. They have high nutritional value and also they are good for your skin particularly for those who have dry skin. They make the skin soft and impart moisturizing effect.
Glycerin is used in skin care products to act as humectant. Most of the companies use petroleum based glycerin as it is cheap. But you must be sure that only plant-based glycerin is used in the product.
Apart from that you must be certain that phytessence wakame, active manuka honey etc. are present in your selected facial moisturizer. Manuka honey has moisture retaining property and it also nourishes the skin.
Now you can select the best facial moisturizers easily as you know the truth about them.

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