Worried About Sagging Neck Skin? Here's Sagging Neck Solutions

Are you interested to know how to firm up sagging neck skin? If the answer is yes, then this writing will give you sagging neck solutions.
As we age, elasticity of our skin reduces so it begins to sag. Some areas of our body sag more than others. Such an area is our neck skin. Some say it turkey neck as sagging neck muscles become so loose that it resembles the neck of a turkey.
Wrinkling and sagging neck skin generally begin to appear at age 40 as a result of lessening of collagen in the dermis layer.
The treatment of this loose neck skin can be done with the help of cosmetic surgery. Though it is a fast firming fix for sagging neck skin but it is very expensive and has many side effects, such as, facial paralysis or infection.
Oppositely, there are non-surgical and easy to follow various methods. The advantages of these methods are, they are inexpensive and at the same time safer and effective. Not only that, these methods will give you positive long term effect.
The only disadvantage is that they will not work instantly. You have to spend time for them and have to be patient. And you must have determination to continue till you are done.
The methods include –
neck exercises, diet, massage, use of skin care products made from natural ingredients and to follow some basic rules.
Neck exercises –
Facial and neck muscles are severely under used. We work out for our body but we do nothing for our neck and facial muscles. As a result the neck muscles become weak and they invariably begin to sag. If you notice, you will realize that the back of your neck is firmer and tighter than the front. The reason behind it is the muscles in the back of the neck are constantly lifting and lowering yours 8-15 pound head while the muscles in front do little or no work.
Neck exercises are very effective for getting better result in sagging neck skin. To reduce double chins and turkey necks, facial and neck exercises are very effective. Yoga is good for toning sagging neck skin. Surya Namaskar improves your neck muscles and at the same time it gives your whole body a toned and healthy shape.
Diet – Lack of moisture and dehydration may cause sagging of the neck skin. So drink plenty of water each day and eat foods that contain omega 3 essential fatty acids such as fish oil or intake it as dietary supplement. Eat foods that contain sufficient protein and vitamins. To maintain skin elasticity vitamins play a major role.
Massage – You should massage your neck daily. It is very helpful to tone your skin.
Use of skin care products made from natural ingredients – We do not take that much care for our neck that we take for our face. For this reason our neck skin is begins to sag. So you should take equal care for both face and neck. Each time when you apply moisturizer, cream or lotions etc. on your face always apply them on your neck too. To prevent the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin, ensure that your neck skin is well cared for.
Collagen protein, which is responsible for the firmness of our skin, begins to reduce as we age. But you can not apply it on your skin as the molecules of this protein are too big to absorb through the skin. So, select those skin care products that contain natural ingredients which help in the production of collagen in our body, such as active manuka honey, Nano-lipobelle H-EQ10 etc.
Hyaluronic acid is essential for keeping our skin moist, firm and elastic as it keeps collagen and elastin fibers together to keep our skin smooth. But this acid also reduces in our body as we grow old. The reason behind it is, an enzyme breaks down this acid. Phytessence wakame is such a natural ingredient that inhibits the activity of this enzyme and as a result hyaluronic acid does not break down.
Besides, anti-aging skin care products, which you will be using daily for your face and neck, must contain essential oils such as avocado, olive, grape seed, jojoba etc. and shea butter.
To follow some basic rules – Neck skin loses its elasticity due to sun damage so avoid going out in the sun as much as possible and use umbrella if you are in the sun.
Never stretch your neck skin. Always hold your head high and avoid slouching while you stand or sit. A good posture will keep your neck muscles from straining, as a result the neck skin will not sag.
Hope you understand how to firm up sagging neck skin by following these simple sagging neck solutions and I pray you have really enjoyed reading this piece of writing.

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