How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes - Attempts To Find A Solution

Don’t you know how to get rid of puffy eyes at home?

Find the solution before asking a beautician or physician for help.

Puffy eyes are caused from fluid build up in the tissues around your eyes.

Causes of Puffy Eyes
The causes of puffy eyes are many, and some are quite serious, but the most common reasons include:

Bacterial Infection
Salty Diet
Alcohol and tobacco use
Too much or too little sleep - Interrupted sleep cycles are common causes of eye puffiness
High sodium intake

Simple Everyday Rules to Prevent Puffy Eyes
You need to follow simple rules of eye skin care.

Wash them with cool water, as it naturally refreshes skin and improves circulation.

Good sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

Sleeping on your back prevents puffy eyes by keeping water from pooling up under your eyes overnight and you should also sleep with your head slightly elevated (using an extra pillow if need) by draining out excess fluid.

Remove contact lenses before sleeping every night unless you have contacts specifically designed for nighttime.

Do special exercises to strengthen the eye muscles. Among other benefits, sweating helps remove body salt.

Diet - Healthy eating habits. Eat more diuretic foods like beets and cabbage. Eat potassium rich foods like bananas. Potassium is known for being good at reducing swelling. Pay more attention to salt intake and avoid the large amount of sodium found in processed and canned foods, vegetable juices, popcorn, fries, etc. Eliminate caffeine from your diet. The caffeine found in soda, coffee, chocolate and tea can exacerbate swelling.

Drink plenty of water.

Reduce or eliminate alcohol and tobacco use.

Do not rub your eyes.

Rest your eyes frequently when reading or working on the computer.

Take care to avoid allergens you may react to, and avoid using moisturizers near the eye if they contain toxins or fragrances.

Your creams and gels for skin care and makeup remover should not be flavored and should not cause an allergic reaction, i.e. cause itching and redness.

You can make useful ointment by adding 4-5 drops of liquid vitamin E to your face cream.

If your eye makeup is irritating the eyes and making them puffy, try switching brands to see if the problem resolves.

Remove makeup every night because it can fill the pores causing swelling.

Some Simple Home Treatments
Try any one of these treatments at a time to see which is most effective for you.

Putting something cold on your puffy eyes for 10-to-15 minutes 1-to-2 times a day will get rid of your puffy eyes due to swelling. Coolness reduces swelling.

Rinse your face with several splashes of ice-cold water to ease your puffiness away. The cold water will help constrict the blood vessels and lessen swelling. Soon, your puffy eyes will go back to normal. You can repeat this tactic a few more times throughout the day, as often as you need to.

Place four to six pairs of spoons in your refrigerator. When your eyes become uncomfortably swollen, take out two spoons and place the backs of the spoons over your eyes. The cold metal will help relax your blood vessels and provide soothing relief. When the spoons become warm, replace them with another pair from the fridge. Keep doing this until the swelling goes down.

Wrap ice cubes in a plastic sandwich bag. Wrap the plastic sandwich bag in a washcloth. Place the ice gently on closed eyelids. Repeat until puffiness is alleviated.

Apply a slice of chilled cucumber to each eyelid or use sliced potatoes. Keep the cool slices on your closed eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes. The coolness of either one can reduce puffiness and brighten the skin underneath your eye area. It is the coolness that reduces swelling and not the cucumbers themselves.

Saturate a clean washcloth with cold milk and rest the washcloth on your closed eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat until swelling goes down.

Two black-tea bags moistened by cold water and patched on your puffy eyes for five to ten minutes can reinvigorate your eyes and hold off the puffiness. Tea actually contains an anti-inflammatory agent. Again, the coldness of the tea bags can help to increase circulation in your face. But more than that, tea has tannin that can also help in tightening the skin in your eye area; thereby, effectively decreasing the bulge in your eyes.

Witch hazel is a natural skin-tightening astringent. Soak two cotton or wool pads in cold witch hazel and apply one to each closed eye for five minutes.

If the above treatments aren't working and you still don’t know how to get rid of puffy eyes and the problem irritates you, ask a beautician or physician for help.

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