Scar Remover – Some Best Known Scar Removal Home Remedies

When a scar remover product contains 100% natural ingredients, you can be sure that it is safe. Although many products claim to contain natural ingredients, often there are fragrances added that are unnatural and often cause skin irritation.

Anyone can develop a scar. Unfortunately, scars cannot be completely removed. They will always leave behind a trace, but a number of procedures can improve their appearance.

It is recommended to begin treating the scar as soon as possible after it becomes visible for best results. Old scars will not completely disappear; however, they will always turn flatter, paler and softer.

Scar Removal Home Remedies

The advantage of these treatments is that most of them are inexpensive and free from any kind of side-effects. But you have to be patient to get what you want.

After searching the web, I have collected information on most of the home remedies for scars which are especially recommended by users.

* A mixture of sandalwood paste and black gram paste helps reduce the intensity of scars if started early.

* Make a paste by soaking some sandalwood in water overnight. Apply the paste on the affected scar area, and let it dry completely. Rinse with cool water. Repeat once a day for a week to see results.

* Mix sandalwood with rosewater to make a paste, and then apply that paste on your scar area. You should keep the sandalwood paste for at least an hour or longer. Wear it overnight if you can. Wash off with water.

* Fenugreek is an effective solution to treat acne scars. Mix some fenugreek seeds in about a cup of water. Boil for five to seven minutes. Let the water cool, then wash your face or other affected scar areas with the water. Use this procedure at least once a week for best results. You can also make a paste out of fenugreek leaves and use it as a face mask.

* Rubbing your skin with ice cubes helps to tighten the skin. Wrap an ice cube in a piece of cloth and rub it on affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes every day.

* You can use cucumber and lemon juice on your scars.

* An effective home remedy for treating scars is to use lemon juice. Apply some lemon juice directly on the affected area at bedtime with a cotton ball, and leave it there overnight! In the morning, wash it off with water. Remember that daily usage of lemon can cause your skin to go dry, so, add a little bit of milk to the lemon juice!

* Apply cucumber extract to the affected area, and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash the skin with warm water, and repeat once a day for a week for results. You may also place sliced cucumber over scar tissue, leave for a few minutes, remove and repeat as often as you like.

* Mash a very ripe banana, and apply the paste to scar tissue. Leave the paste on for about seven minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do this several times a week for best results.

* Cut a tomato in half and rub gently over the affected area. It is recommended that you keep the tomatoes on your skin for at least an hour, before washing your face with lukewarm water!

* Mix 2 tablespoons of fuller's earth or clay with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Add a small amount of rose water to the mixture, apply on the scar and let dry for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Do this twice a day.

These are just some of the methods you can use for scar removal.

Home remedies often used for scars, but without reliable supporting evidence, are vitamin E oil, aloe vera, onion extract, honey and zinc.

If you choose a scar remover cream or gel make sure that you look at the ingredients, price, effectiveness, how well it will work on old and new scars and the overall customer satisfaction.

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